If you are interested in purchasing my time to look over nearly any financial issue you may have, please send me an email ( with the general nature of your inquiry.

I am available for hire regarding the provision of financial and legislative/regulatory analysis services, including (but not limited to) investigating the valuation of securities (public or private), taxation or other legislative and regulatory matters. I am also available for customized research that would not otherwise be available through the examination of public filings and electronically-accessible resources.

I can also evaluate investment proposals (private placements, partnerships, etc.) for detailed analysis relating to risk and return of such investments. In addition, I can evaluate for outright scams or other considerations that would make such proposals extremely risky (e.g. management teams with questionable histories, or in-feasibility of scientific proposals, etc.)

Please note I am not registered with the BC Securities Commission pursuant to the BC Securities Act. As such, you cannot purchase advice with respect to investment in or the purchase or sale of securities or exchange contracts. I can comment on the relative valuation of such securities or exchange contracts, but I cannot give advice whether you should buy or sell such instruments especially because your financial risk tolerance and reward criteria will not be the same as others.

After an initial (free) consultation, if you are agreeable to a proposed course of action, a billing structure will be proposed. You would know up-front the estimation of costs before the work commences. If it is my opinion that it will cost you more than the value I perceive that you will receive, I will decline the proposed work unless if you agree otherwise.