Petrobakken / Lightstream Resources bites the dust

Lightstream Resources (TSX: LTS), formerly known as Petrobakken (TSX: PBN), was formerly a subject of analysis on this website. Despite the company having excessively high yields and posting (and boasting) about huge cash flows through operations, I remained very skeptical of them. Then the oil price cratered at the end of 2014, and then all the excess leverage the company held came to bite it.

The senior unsecured creditors failed to reach an agreement with the company, and as a result they will be going into CCAA proceedings.

I have never held shares of this company. The entity, once restructured, should be mildly profitable in the current oil price environment, but they need to shed a healthy quantity of their debt. It is a classic case of using too much leverage when the times are good.