Dell going private makes sense

There are heavy rumours that Dell is seeking to go private. The mechanism will likely be through a leveraged buy-out assisted with some other capital partners.

The necessary condition for this to occur is shareholder approval, and since Michael Dell still owns a substantial portion of the company (about 14% according to the last DEF14 filing) there would likely be enough sway to ensure that it happens.

Business-wise, it is probably better for the company because it can then make strategic decisions that would otherwise not be possible if they were a reporting entity. Dell’s core business is clearly stagnating and going private will probably be the way for the financing firms to figure out how to carve out the various businesses within Dell and try to recapture some value in the marketplace.

Looking at raw cash flows in relation to a $10/share valuation, one can see where this thought process would proceed forward, especially if you can float some ultra-cheap debt financing in a yield-hungry bond market.