Davis and Henderson fooling all sorts of investors

The award for the “most botched up trust conversion of the year” would have to go to none other than Davis + Henderson. This is ironic since they are a business service company that would presumably include assistance with such things as income trust conversions.

Previously their ticker symbol was DHF.UN (on Toronto), but they changed their ticker to “DH.TO” upon conversion.

An additional mixup is that DHF.TO traded 104,000 shares on January 4, 2011 under the wrong ticker symbol.

It is most likely that somebody botched up the paperwork because most electronic systems still have a listing for “DHF.TO”, which is not the proper symbol and is not trading. The correct symbol, “DH.TO“, is listed on the TSX but has had negligible volume because almost everybody’s electronic systems (including Interactive Brokers!) have the improper DHF.TO ticker.

Disclosure: I currently have a position in Davis + Henderson.