US Healthcare legislation

I took a brief summary review of the various players in the US Health insurance industry. Most of the companies had a shift in the stock price after the Supreme Court announcement, but otherwise traded in boring moderation as most insurance firms tend to do. I did manage to find one company intriguing enough (with sufficient insider ownership) that I plugged it on my watchlist for further review if the stock price went about 5% lower than its existing trading price. Insurance companies are not going to double on you overnight, but well-selected companies can provide a consistent return on investment over a lengthy period of time as they compound their book values. Examples of this (not necessarily related to healthcare) would include RLI (NYSE: RLI), Fairfax (TSX: FFH), etc., which have both provided 10% compounded annual returns to shareholders over the past 10 years, not even factoring in their dividend distributions.

I would note that these are not recommendations, but rather examples. Both of these companies, especially Fairfax, are going to be running into the law of large numbers where making high percentage gains becomes progressively more difficult as your equity base increases. RLI can probably continue its pace – you just have to be very judicious in terms of the market timing, similar to any other investment.