Divestor Investments is incorporated in the province of British Columbia.

Its founder and managing director is Sacha Peter, a resident of British Columbia, Canada. Sacha has a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of British Columbia and is a Chartered Professional Accountant / Certified Management Accountant. With a solid quantitative background, he is proficient with financial analysis, legislative and regulatory analysis, changes to public policy and its impact on the populace.

Sacha’s competitive advantages include:
1. Enjoying reading and analyzing financial statements, SEDAR/SEC filings, and the minutiae of the notes and paragraphs that go in such filings;
2. Possessing a fine-tuned mental process for this that can do this faster than most people;
3. Knowing to concentrate on research that is not made redundant by computerized automation (although he certainly engages in automation techniques to streamline the more mundane aspects of research);
4. Being able to recognize the advantages and disadvantages he has as an individual, relative to the rest of the marketplace, in the research and analysis process;
5. Bringing aspects of various disciplines (technology/science, political economy, psychology, etc.) into the investment research field;
6. Recognizing quickly when incorrect and making rapid course corrections to avoid capital impairment.

Sacha’s past activities include being elected to and chairing the Cultus Lake Park Board, sitting on the Coast Capital Task Force on Director Compensation, membership on the Chilliwack School District’s Audit Committee, campaign management for a successfully elected and re-elected Member of Parliament, and others.

Sacha has been profiled on the Globe and Mail’sMe and My Money” series and has been interviewed for a wide range of other issues ranging from local public park policy, provincial government investment policy, to the not-so-serious discussion on buying lottery tickets.

Sacha is not afraid to stick his neck out in situations where most others have given up on, and also accurately predicting the election of President Donald Trump (noting this is by no means an endorsement of his policies!).

Other select tasks Sacha has been commissioned to perform that were made public:
– An independent study was on the cost impact to residential and business property taxpayers if the proposed implementation of the Capital Regional District sewage system project (rebranded as Seaterra) proceeded;
– An independent study on revenue projections of the Greater Vancouver Regional District municipalities (21 municipalities including Vancouver, BC), TransLink (the regional transportation authority) and the impact of the proposed Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax.

In addition to providing consulting services, Sacha Peter manages a real-money portfolio that has been successful in identifying undervalued opportunities in the marketplace, resulting in substantial outperformance relative to the major indicies.

From January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2017 (12 years), the Divestor portfolio has outperformed the S&P/TSX Composite by a very wide margin (+18.3% compounded annually for Divestor vs. +6.0% for the S&P/TSX Composite with dividends reinvested).

Sacha is available for hire regarding the provision of financial and legislative/regulatory analysis services, including (but not limited to) investigating the valuation of securities (public or private), taxation or other legislative and regulatory matters. Sacha is also available for customized research that would not otherwise be available through the examination of public filings and electronically-accessible resources.

Contact Information:

E-Mail: sacha@divestor.com
Phone: 778-878-9223 (Pacific Time Zone)