Administrative note on the site

I have enabled full-text RSS feeds of the site’s posts (instead of just a summary). You will no longer have to click-through your RSS readers in order to view articles on this site. While I am curious who is reading the content on this site, there are RSS readers that are now smart enough to just download the whole content and display it for their readers. I don’t run advertising, but if you are one of those silent viewers, it would be mightily appreciated if you just write a comment saying “hello” and where you initially heard of this site since I get so little traffic from Google for the past few years (one of the consequences of not giving them advertising money). Don’t get me started about the rest of social media either!

I have also updated some site links on the right hand side concerning other Canadian Finance authors. My criteria is that the writer’s name be known and that they’ve written at least four decent pieces in a year. Sadly the quality of writing on the internet has decreased significantly over the years and I do not expect this trend to abate.

11 thoughts on “Administrative note on the site”

  1. Hi Sacha, I found your site awhile back while you were posting on Pinetree and I was looking into that.

    I am now following your posts through e-mail using RSS and my own Feedburner to send out the alerts to myself.


  2. I believe I also came across your site while looking at Pinetree, may have been a news article on my google finance feed. Avoided Pinetree (thank God), but got interested in Bombardier preferred shares from your commentary. Bought a few thousand BBD.PR.C and saw over 50% appreciation.

    Many thanks from a relatively inexperienced investor!

  3. Thank you both. Interesting how both of you came here through my Pinetree writings. Wonder if there were any others.

    @Vince: Be warned I do get things wrong (often), and I’ve pared my BBD.PR.x exposure by roughly half.

  4. I also read this blog trough RRS with .

    To be honest I don’t remember how I came to your blog as it was about 3-4 years ago. But I can definitively say that I enjoy your post.

  5. Hi Sacha.

    I frequent the value investing board at Reddit, where there is a list of about a hundred different blogs, including yours.

    I read some of your posts then, bookmarked your blog, and have been coming back ever since.

    Thanks for the great insightful content!

  6. Hello Sacha, I first came upon your blog when you wrote about Yellow Pages in 2012. I tune in every once in a while from a library computer. A lot of what you write about is beyond me, but I still look forward to your insight.

  7. Hi Sacha, I dont remember how I run into your blog a few years back, but I bookmarked it and am a regular reader from then onwards. Thank you for the great content and hello from (deep recession-hit) Greece!

  8. I also probably came in 2012 reading about YellowPages, but possibly earlier. Thanks for changing over the RSS feed. Agree about the quality of internet writing, but such is life.

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