RIMM upcoming quarterly report

RIMM’s (Nasdaq: RIMM) expectations have finally been driven deeply into the red – an expected loss of 46 cents for this upcoming quarter, 1.49 loss for the current fiscal year and 71 cents for the next fiscal year (year ended February 2014).

I earlier suggested that potential investors in RIMM should wait until these estimates go deeply negative. They are now currently negative and I would suspect after this quarterly report, the company is going to get expectations to the point where the risk has been correctly priced in if not already there.

While I am not buying RIMM shares, people that believe in Blackberry 10 and its potential probably have a correctly timed entry point in the remainder of this year – especially as most institutional investors will be sitting on tax losses and would likely want to clear it out of their portfolio or risk embarrassing themselves.

There is still obvious technology adoption risk for the company – if they execute well then you might be sitting on a double or even more if they are able to regain market share (and perhaps the more important mind-share of the developers). If they don’t, well, then you get a Nokia (NYSE: NOK) where you start pricing the company based off of salvage value.