Fixed rate mortgage rates will drop

Attached is a 1-year chart of the 5-year government benchmark bond yield:

5-Year Canadian Government Bond Yield

With a yield of 1.41%, this is the lowest the 5-year yield has been for decades. The lowest reached during the last economic crisis (January 14, 2009) was 1.54%.

The quick implication is that the 5-year fixed mortgage rate will likely drop. Although we are completely bathed in the midst of a European financial crisis (causing collateral damage domestically, just as the US economic crisis caused damage in Canada), banks are apparently solvent.

What will be an interesting question is whether this recent crush in the markets will cause a decrease in real estate prices or whether prices will continue to remain strong, especially in the Vancouver area. Real estate, gold, and government treasuries are three asset classes that have managed to hold value, while everything else has been dumped. If real estate prices are compressing then banks may tighten credit requirements (e.g. higher down payment, higher rate, etc.)