Priszm Income Fund declares bankruptcy

Priszm Income Fund (TSX: QSR.UN) has finally bit the bullet and gone into creditor protection. They will be liquidating the assets of their business.

Units of the trust and debentures (TSX: QSR.DB) have been suspended and will be delisted out of the TSX. They were last trading at around 9 cents on the dollar and as you might glean, does not anticipate much, if any recovery whatsoever.

I had written on the episode of my quick trade in and out of the debentures in earlier posts on this site; I retained the minimum face value ($1,000) of debentures as a “lottery ticket” ($90 market value) that evidently will not be winning. I eagerly anticipate the huge stack of documents in the mail that will politely inform me that my debentures are worthless.