A relatively quick trade

I am now slowly unwinding my trade in Davis + Henderson Income Fund (TSX: DHF.UN). If the units go higher by approximately 5%, I will be exiting the entire position compared to the partial sale of my position as of this writing.

While I do not have concerns about the stability of their distributions (especially as they will be reduced 35% or to $1.20/share after they convert to a corporation), I do have concerns about the ability of management to grow the company’s free cash flow from existing levels. They have been pursuing a strategy of growing revenues and income through acquisition, which is generally a risky method compared to growing organically. So far, it has worked for them. The question is whether it will continue to doing so – which is never a given.

This company is not unique at all in the income trust sector to being bidded up. All sorts of income-bearing securities are becoming very expensive.

Although DHF will pay 5.85% a year (at 20.50 per share) in eligible dividends in 2011 when they convert to a corporation, I do not think this cash stream is worth paying the current price for given other investment opportunities – none of which give yields.

What I find interesting is it is likely retail investors that will be focusing on the 5.85% yield instead of looking at the underlying business and asking what they are purchasing. I am not complaining – I am taking this opportunity to take some more of my portfolio off the table and holding yet even more cash for future deployment.

The net gain is approximately 25% above cost basis; not factoring in the few distributions that occurred between the purchase price and the disposition, not bad considering that the upside is more limited than the downside.