Administrative note on the site

I have enabled full-text RSS feeds of the site’s posts (instead of just a summary). You will no longer have to click-through your RSS readers in order to view articles on this site. While I am curious who is reading the content on this site, there are RSS readers that are now smart enough to just download the whole content and display it for their readers. I don’t run advertising, but if you are one of those silent viewers, it would be mightily appreciated if you just write a comment saying “hello” and where you initially heard of this site since I get so little traffic from Google for the past few years (one of the consequences of not giving them advertising money). Don’t get me started about the rest of social media either!

I have also updated some site links on the right hand side concerning other Canadian Finance authors. My criteria is that the writer’s name be known and that they’ve written at least four decent pieces in a year. Sadly the quality of writing on the internet has decreased significantly over the years and I do not expect this trend to abate.

Inattention to the site caused errors

A very rare administrative post.

For some reason, the links on the specific articles were breaking. I’ve now fixed them. I have no idea why this happened and do not care to investigate further in case if something else breaks. It had to do something with the permalink structure of the site.

This affected commenting and thank you to Safety once again for sending me an email informing me of the problem on this site.